The role of a designer is complex and crucial in any given situation be it designing a toothbrush for kids or rethinking a political campaign. Both scenarios require a curious, human-centered mindset. We live in disorienting and challenging times. As a society, we need entirely new forms of solutions to address systemic, social, economic and environmental problems that affect our daily life. Human-centered and service design thinking methodologies have paved a way for design-led innovation for various industries.

Design Thinking For All

When diverse teams collectively address ambiguous and difficult to define problems, it doesn’t guarantee successful solutions but leads to generation of fresh…

From Past to Future.

Under the British Raj, from the abolition of the Sati Pratha to the introduction of the Widow Remarriage Act, setting up educational institutions, establishing the first railway service, and development of the judicial system were some of the crucial developments of the period. Even though there was a glorious outburst of activity, India witnessed abject poverty and economic helplessness.

Post-colonialism, there was heavy industrialization, and the Industrial Policy Revolution paved way for the development of the public sector. Nehru’s policies had adversely affected the agriculture sector, leading to food shortages, an increase in inflation, and depletion…

Simran Bajaj

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